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Since it establishment in 1990, Seih-Ying Co., Ltd.-the glass road stud manufacturer has always strived in research and production on optical and special glass. Among our products, the “Tiger eye - 360° glass reflecting marker under Flash Brand” has become the most durable road reflecting marker with best quality in the world after continuous improvement over 23 years.

Traffic Sign, Delineator, Traffic Signal, Warning Light

We pride ourselves on our competitiveness and do our utmost to be able to offer a comprehensive range of the latest technology, which includes a wide variety of SIGLITE Tempered Glass Ultra-low Road Stud and related accessories from all of the major Glass Road Stud manufacturers, and all at fantastic prices.


SIGLITE Tempered Glass Ultra-low Road Stud

D50s can be used on any section of the roads, such as pedestrian crossing, bike way, sidewalk, and road for motorcyclist. The size is the smallest with the lowest height of protruding part.
Features :

  • The lowest height of 9mm. The product shape is smooth without sharp corner, which does not influence passing of vehicle and pedestrians (normal road marking reflector has height of 25 mm and highway marking reflectors is 19 mm).

  • No blind spot in any curve.

  • High degree of surface hardness; if the product does break, it will form very fine particles and will not cause secondary damage to human body and vehicles.

  • Specification :

  • Color: white

  • Material: Tempered glass

  • Compressive strength: With reference to inspection method of CNS 13762, the compressive strength without external rubber base can be greater than 6 tons (58.8kN).

  • Impact resistance:Dropping 1.04kg of steel ball from height of 1m to impact the dome part and no crack on the product. (Use methyl benzene or acetone to wipe and clean before test).

  • Weight: 60g /pcs
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