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Since it establishment in 1990, Seih-Ying Co., Ltd.-the glass road stud manufacturer has always strived in research and production on optical and special glass. Among our products, the “Tiger eye - 360° glass reflecting marker under Flash Brand” has become the most durable road reflecting marker with best quality in the world after continuous improvement over 23 years.

Company Profile

Seih-Ying Co., Ltd.- The glass road stud supplier

Since it establishment in 1990, Seih-Ying Co., Ltd.-the glass road stud manufacturer has always strived in research and production on optical and special glass. Among our products, the “Tiger eye - 360° glass reflecting marker under Flash Brand” has become the most durable road reflecting marker with best quality in the world after continuous improvement over 23 years.

The 360° glass reflecting marker produced by Seih-Ying complies with traffic regulations in Taiwan and it is the first legal product that passes CNS 13762 and complies with requirements of Article 26 of Government’s Purchase Law in Taiwan. At the same time, Seih-Ying also passed the ISO 9001, CE certification in Europe, GB/T24725-2009 in China, EN1463-1 and EN1463-2 R1 under EU (after a year of installation, the luminance under test still reaches more than 99% of original luminance), as well as S1 (no breakage after 1 year of installation) ; thus our quality in production is reliable. Seih-Ying is the only company in the world that provides warranty of breakage rate within 5% over 5 years on highways and from results of practical test on Zhongshan Highway in Taiwan, it proves that lifetime of “Seih-Ying’s Tiger Eye” is more than 20 times of conventional square plastic markers. This can extensively reduce social cost of traffic jam due to replacement of markers and the rate of accidental injuries and deaths can be reduced also, since the workers do not have to risk their lives for maintenance.

In Taiwan, “Seih-Ying’s Tiger Eye” has been adopted extensively in Taiwan and occupied more than 80% of the market share, which provides safe environment of night driving for road users on the crowded roads in Taiwan over the decades. The product has the record of been installed on Jianguo N. Rd. Viaduct in Taipei City for 10 years (renewed in 2007); installation by North District Project Office, National Freeway Bureau at Hsinchu Section for more than 7 years in good shape and achievement of best reputation for application on many highways worldwide. The extensive work achievements have shown that “Seih-Ying’s Tiger Eye” lives up to its name of most durable road markers.

Another major product – “Solar tempered glass warning marker” from Seih-Ying is the first solar road marker in the world with tempered glass casing. And we get some patents from numerous countries. After 10 years of research and improvement, various functions have become progressed to perfection more and more. Over recent years, the solar products with effect of energy conservation are very popular in Taiwan; yet with the tempered glass casing for the solar road marker, it does more than enhancement of compressive strength. If the glass breaks, it forms very little particles, which do not damage vehicle tires. The glass’s characteristic of abrasive resistance can improve efficiency and lifetime of the solar products with initiative lighting for well warning effect; furthermore, the use of special LED can even achieved the effect of urban beautification.

Over recent years, this product has also achieved proud performance in various Counties and Cities in Taiwan. Among them, rate of vehicle accident on Scenic Boulevard of Hsinchu (from Qiedong Interchange towards Hsinchu City) has been reduced successfully over the 3 years after installation. In view with the success on Scenic Boulevard, the Hsinchu City Government has used more than 4000 “Solar tempered glass warning marker” (A-666, white, yellow and flash type) in 2006 to enhance safety for road users.

Based on the concepts of “Priceless life” and “Reducing tragedies for 2 families by reducing 1 traffic accident”, Seih-Ying has always strived to develop and manufacture for products with best quality and greatest reliability to serve road users worldwide. In return, we expect your generous comment and suggestion in every aspect.

Seih-Ying Co., Ltd.- The glass road stud supplier

Seih-Ying’s strengths and characteristics:

- Established in 1990; 28-year experience in the industry. 

- 85% market share in Taiwan. 

- World’s highest compressive resistance (over 60 tons) and impact resistance.

- Largest production capacity with various types of products.

- Exported to more than 60 countries.

Seih-Ying is a professional company with the most technological innovation capabilities, who holds inventions and patents of many countries. Most of current manufacturers of glass road studs and solar glass road studs are using patents (including those for previous-generation technology) and production technologies of Seih-Ying.

Those YELLOW glass road studs of other brands are mostly made of transparent ones by color painting and reflective mirror processing on the bottom of glass road studs – Seih-Ying has applied for patents for the said proprietary technology of several major countries in 1991. The problem is, these plagiarized manufacturers don’t have a satisfying technology level, and the painted color on their glass road studs could only last for 6 months to 2 years, then it starts to fade and lose its reflectivity – that’s why Seih-Ying has given up that production method more than 20 years ago.

Now, there are some Chinese manufacturers declaring that they own China utility model patents for glass and solar glass road studs. After analyzing those patents, we found that they are all Taiwan expired patents re-applied for China patents and got proved. The applicants of the said China patents include 1 or 2 Taiwanese, and even a professor of university. Since Seih-Ying is the holder of the said Taiwan patents, we would file invalidation proceedings for each of the said China utility model patents if needed. And don’t forget: those so-called-patents are evidence of deceiving acts.

Also, some Taiwanese manufacturers defrauded only part of Seih-Ying's proprietary technology and went start up joint venture in China. Their products get certificates through illegal "sample processing" method and the quality were exaggerated. In other words, their test reports were not trust-worthy at all.

Furthermore, Seih-Ying has completed a lot of projects all over the world and accumulated many project photos. However, many Chinese companies took our photos without asking for permission and used in their catalogs and online advertisement.

In conclusion, traffic safety products are to reduce traffic accidents and to benefit road users. We are all doing good deeds. Meanwhile, we hope the said companies could respect intellectual property of others.

We hereby solemnly declare that in the past 28 years, all our proprietary production technology of SIGLITE glass road studs and solar glass road studs are developed on our own. And we have NEVER co-developed with any other companies.


Established in: 1990 Business Type: OEM Manufacturer Exporter/Agent Markets: Worldwide Main Products: 360 degree Cat Eyes, Road stud,360 cat eye, Tiger eye, Siglite,360 Road Marking Reflector, 360 glass road stud, glass road studs,traffic safety, road safety, Filter, UV-Filter, IR-Filter, Raised Pavement Marker, Solar, Glass, Glass Tube Location: Taiwan Factory: No. 68, Kuang Fu N. Rd., Hsin Chu Industrial Park, Hsin Chu 303, Taiwan
July, 1990 Establishment of the company for research and production of special glass. Obtained 5 years of tax-free from the government with production of optical glass.
1991 Development of 360° Tempered Glass Road Marking Reflector (Siglite) and launch of mass production.
1993 The factory moved to Chu-Bei Industrial Park.
1996 Development of Solar Warning Light.
1997 The first company that passed CNS13762, 13763 in Taiwan.
1998 Development of the first solar tempered glass warning marker in the world and started batch production with patents in USA, China and Taiwan
1999 Purchase of new factory in Hsin Chu Industrial Park and increased production line with improved QC (Quality Control) equipment.
2004 Passing of DIN EN 1463-1 from EU and development of series of relevant products.
2005 Additional production lines.
Passing of JT/T390-1999 from China
2006 Passing of ISO9001 Certificate and DIN EN 1463-2 R1(After installed for 1 year, the night-time visibility measurement shall be more than 99%)、S1(The samples shall no defect after installed for 1 year)
April, 2008 Passing of CE Certificate by BSI
September, 2009 All-direction Tempered Glass Kerb Stud (D50) passing of CE Certificate by BSI
December, 2009 The compressive strength of Siglite Tempered Glass Road Stud (Road Marker) produced was increased to 60 tons
January, 2012 Tempered Glass Road Marking Reflector (SIG-14, slip proof) passing of CE Certificate by BSI
2013 Development of Tempered Glass Road Marking Reflector(D50s, only 9mm of height)
2018 Development of bi-directional brightness enhanced glass road studs (aka BBE) : SIG-17T & SIG-D50sT, and snow-plowable tempered glass road studs : SnowSIGLITE-17 & SnowSIGLITE-50



OEM Capacity
With technology and experience in production of Siglite, we provide OEM to strengthen fog lamps on automobiles for high strength as well as resistance to heat and shock.
1. Provision of technical consultation
2. Analysis on various physical property of glass
3. Provision of service with original design
4. Provision of labeling service for the buyer

1. Melting furnace for optical glasses.
2. Annealing furnace with ultra precision, glass strengthening equipment, flat glass cutting machine and grinder.
3. Glass strengthening equipment and flat glass cutting machine
4. Inspection equipment for quality
5. Monthly Capacity:220K

Product Lines
- Road reflecting markers
- Relevant solar products
- Melting of special glasses
- Strengthening of fog lamps for automobiles
- Heating process (annealing or tempering) for ultra thick glasses
- Cutting and strengthening of flat glasses
- SIGLITE 360 degree tempered glass road reflector (road stud)
- SIGLITE solar warning light
- Filter glass (IR, UV)
- Road safety product

Quality Policy
- Satisfaction of client's demands
- Establishment of trust
- Stable quality
- Sincere service