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Why need to install Road Marking Reflector?
Is the result better if the road marking reflector is bigger and higher?
Is there any advantage for using 360 degree glass road marking reflector?
Why can some hand-made semi-strengthened glasses pass the Chinese National Standard (CNS) 13762?
There are no steel ball dropping everywhere on public roads, why is the steel ball test needed under CNS 13762?
Besides SIGLITE as fully strengthened glass in Seih-Ying's product, is Solar Flash Marks (A666) also fully strengthened glass?
The installation or replacement of SIGLITE requires a hole done by a core drill . Are the expenses higher compared with the installation of traditionell plastic raised pavement markers?
Is the retro-reflection of 360 degree Tempered Glass Road Reflector lower than the retro-reflection of plastic road stud at the initial stage?
360 degree Tempered Glass Road Studs with different colors needed for interchanges/ramps can not be made like with plastic road studs ?
How to choose a road stud considering environmental friendliness, lifespan and effective-cost?