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The Reflection of Tour Bus’s Overturning Accident on National Freeway

On February 13th, the most serious tour bus’s overturning accident occurred in Taiwan's history, resulting in 33 dead and 11 injured of major casualties. It makes people sorrowed and regretful. There are many reasons for the accident, including the old car body, poor physical condition for the bus driver, and over speeding, etc. As a manufacturer for traffic safety products, we try to analyze this accident from the point of the view.

In accordance with the accident section of the road, the section is installed plastic raised pavement markers, and the delineators are set on the top of New Jersey barrier to provide the necessary warning. However, the big defects of the plastic markers are “easy to come off” and “lack of reflective angle”. The section is not only a sharp bend, but also the popular route of the tour buses. The plastic markers come off easily due to the run over of tour bus. (A large-scale vehicle often cross the lane lines and run over the plastic markers.)
So, there may be two situations as below:
1. The insufficient of reflective angle and illumination may cause the driver couldn’t identify the plastic markers from a long distance, resulting in braking the speed and slowing down too late.
2. The come off of the plastic markers may cause the driver couldn’t see the reflection and identify the front of sharp bend.

According to above two situations, if the section uses “360 degree tempered glass road stud”, it can be improved:
1. The glass road stud reflects the light in 360 degree without any blind spot. The driver can clearly identify the road path to increase the reaction time.
2. We provide 5 years warranty for our Siglite glass road stud, and the lifespan can up to 7 years above. It’s not easy to be damaged and come off on the road, and it provides a good reflective effect faithfully for the driver.

When traffic accidents occur, there are always two main orientations, in “artificial” and ”external”. Being the manufacturer for traffic safety product, we cannot control the artificial factors, but we can try to improve the external driving environment in order to avoid the similar regretful matter happening again.

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