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Seih-Ying, who holds real patents

In 1992, only 2 years after its establishment, Seih-Ying Company applied for its first patent on the manufacture of glass reflective road studs, which includes patents from Taiwan, China, United States, Japan, Germany, and many other countries. Since then, Seih-Ying Company has devoted to research and development and has accumulated more than 40 patents on glass reflective road studs and solar glass road markers.

Many Chinese manufacturers claim that they own glass reflective road studs related patents. When looking closely to those patents, we could find them either purely plagiarism from old patents of Seih-Ying’s or just low-end design patents with slight modification in appearance, a.k.a. New Model Patent. The said manufacturers intend to convince customers of their R&D ability with those patents. But the fact is, colored glass reflective road studs (including yellow, red, and other colors) produced by Chinese manufacturers still apply Seih-Ying’s patents TW213704 issued in 1991 and CN93207894.X issued in 1993.

CN99207819.9, the 1st Solar glass road markers patent of Seih-Ying’s, was issued in 2000, which is also the 1st Solar glass road markers patent in the world.

Seih-Ying Company has a solid R&D ability for our holding more than 10 valid patents of glass reflective road studs, solar glass road markers, and glass coloring at this moment. The R&D ability plus our 28-year experience in the industry, Seih-Ying Company is definitely your loyal partner.

Meanwhile, we appeal to other manufacturers in the industry to respect intellectual property rights and don’t plagiarize patents of Seih-Ying Company for the immediate benefit.

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