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Statement on Taiwan Patent Authorization of a Manufacturer in Fujian, China

Recently, a Chinese customer asked us about a patent (patent number 200930093536.2) obtained by Mr. Zhu in Taiwan and authorized the use of the patent to a Chinese manufacturer in Fujian. With investigation, we make the following statement:

Seih-Ying company was established in 1990. We are the first factory in Taiwan who dedicate to the production of 360-degree tempered glass reflective road studs (also known as “cat's eye”). Since 1991, Seih-Ying has obtained dozens of invention patents, utility model patents and design patents from many countries around the world (including Taiwan and China). For the past 30 years, we devoted ourselves to the development of our proprietary glass tempering technology and now we can produce the glass road studs with the highest compressive strength and impact resistance in the world. Now, almost all the manufacturers worldwide in the industry use our expired patents and old technology.

Regrettably, some unscrupulous people have collected these over-20-year-old Taiwan patents and secretly went to China to apply for low-end design patents or utility model patents because registration system is now adopted, and substantive examinations are NOT required. Then, the said patents were authorized to third parties for actual production and sale. The said third parties who may or may not know the mentioned dishonest act and claimed their product to be patented goods. In fact, we could expose the dishonest act and revoke the said patent anytime and those old patents couldn't stop SIGLITE glass road studs from entering China.

Additionally, Mr. Zhu applied for a patent for appearance in Taiwan in 2006. Then in 2009, he applied for a patent in China with the same appearance. This behavior was not only illegal but also lack integrity.

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