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Make zebra crossings more recognizable

D50s makes zebra crossings more recognizable
When it rains, thermoplastic zebra crossings become wet and slippery. As a result, motorcycle accidents take place and motorcyclists are injured. Currently, the government looks into increasing the anti-skid factor of the thermoplastic zebra crossings.

Only that the current solution is to add anti-skid material into thermoplastic powder and increase its British Pendulum Number (BPN). However, this act would reduce the reflectivity of thermoplastic zebra crossings. When the thermoplastic zebra crossings become less reflective and less recognizable, pedestrians using zebra crossings are more in danger.

To increase the BPN or to keep the reflectivity of thermoplastic zebra crossings, it is indeed a dilemma.

To protect the safety of pedestrians on zebra crossings, Seih-Ying Company developed D50s, the new generation SIGLITE Tempered Glass Ultra-low Road Stud, which is perfect to be installed on the both sides of zebra crossings to increase their recognition. D50s reflects car lights to indicate the existence of zebra crossings. When the driver’s attention is drawn, the car would slow down and the safety of pedestrian would be protected. Beside zebra crossings, D50s is also suitable for road side or slow lane application.

Characteristics of D50s are as follows:
1. Through the proprietary tempering and reflective layer processes of Seih-Ying Company, the impact resistance and reflectivity of D50s meet the requirements in CNS13762, and its compressive strength is above 6 tons.
2. With a small size (diameter only 50mm) and an ultra-low dome height (only 9mm), D50s could greatly reduce the discomfort while stepping on it or running over it.
3. D50s has a visible distance longer than 100m and provides good alarm.
4. Glass road studs, including D50s, get cleaned in rainy days.

D50s, the new generation SIGLITE Tempered Glass Ultra-low Road Stud, is smaller, brighter and safer than traditional glass road studs. For further details, please contact us.

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