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Rain and darkness made marking lines unrecognizable and a car driving onto a central island


(Video source: TVBS News @

Today (2019/12/30) an accident took place near San-min Overpass in Tau-yuan city. A vehicle driver inadvertently drove onto the top of a central island due to the poor sight caused by the rain and the darkness. By good luck, the driver suffered no other losses and injuries but the car damage.

As seen on the monitoring film and the dashcam clip, there were delineators installed on the central island at the accident site. They could be too old and worn for the driver to recognize and as a result, the accident occurred. Let ’s imagine. If “360-degree tempered glass road studs” had been installed in the channelizing-line marking area in front of the central island and it would be easier for drivers to identify the central island, could this accident be avoided?
SIGLITE 360-degree tempered glass road studs had been installed in domestic roads at all levels for nearly 30 years. They could be used not only on lane lines but also on channelizing-line marking areas. Additionally, Seih-Ying Company also provides SIGLITE solar tempered glass road markers (SIG-A68. SIG-A666) and SIGLITE all-directional reflective curb studs (SIG-D50), those are to be installed on central islands and safety islands. We sincerely invite you to improve traffic safety with us. Please feel free to contact us for further details.

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