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2020 traffic accidents hit a 10-year high! Two groups suffer the most

Car accidents hit a new high! Statistics indicate that 300,000 traffic accidents from January to October last year, breaking a 10-year record. On average, eight people were killed in traffic accidents each day.

Moreover, there was an unusual phenomenon in the sightseeing areas last year. The official statistics show that tourists have increased in Yilan, Hualien, and Taitung. As a result, so were traffic accidents. Traveling after severe restriction toward pandemic COVID-19 unbounded was one of the causes of increased traffic accidents at tourist spots.

Vehicles running red lights (including right turn on red), turning not following regulations, Not yield to pedestrians, and pedestrians crossing the road at will are the four main reasons that cause traffic accidents. If we interpret the data further, the increase in traffic accidents was inseparable from the aging population. Among all the people who lost their lives in traffic accidents, 40% are elders over 65 years old, with a growth rate of 6.3% over the previous year. Another high-risk group was motorcyclists, which accounted for 60% of all deaths due to car accidents, and there was an increase of 6.9% from last year. With a cross-analysis, we would find that one-fifth of the overall death toll is the aged motorcyclist.

The most noteworthy fact is: the death rate of the elders in traffic accidents has now reached 40%. This phenomenon happens in every county and city in Taiwan because one's cognitive response degrades little by little when reaching a certain age. Secondly, there are 18 million motorcycles on the road now. The number of motorcycles continues to rise, so the death toll of motorcyclists has remained high-end. Due to the characteristics of motorcycles, the severity amplifies when accidents occur. In short, we must pay more attention to the elders and the motorcyclists to protect the traffic safety of all.

Nowadays, road users are more anxious and self-centered, and unwilling to be courteous. The booming of the delivery service also holds a clue to the causes of increased traffic accidents. Also, the number and the severity of traffic accidents caused by delivery service are higher than that of ordinary people.

Original News Link (in Chinese):2020交通事故創10年新高! 兩大族群受害最深

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