Glass Road Stud
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Tempered Glass Road Stud


SIGLITE Tempered Glass Road Stud 19mm, Slip-Proof

  • Enhance the reflection of road marking lines during the raining night since the tiny glass beads in the thermoplastic are non-reflective in the rainy water.
  • The tiny glass beads in the thermoplastic fall off easily; thus the reflection of road marking lines declines extensively. The bumping action will alert motorists when they change lanes.
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No blind spot in any curve.
High degree of surface hardness and slip-proof surface; the reflection can last extremely long.
High strength and long durability.
The protruding part is 100% reflective.
Fully automatic production with machinery.
The lifetime is 15 times longer than traditional plastic pavement marker.
5 years guarantee is provided for freeways worldwide (the breaking rate is less than 5%)
Height of protruding part: 19mm
Diameter: 100mm
Material: Original Color Tempered glass
Appearance: Slip proof on the surface
Color available: White, Yellow, Blue, Green
Best compressive strength:60 tons above(588kN)
Highest impact strength:
According to the CNS13762, the test standard of Taiwan, dropping 1.04 kg of steel ball from height of 1.5 m and there is no crack at all on the product.
Weight: 540±20 g
Packing: 13.5kgs/carton, 24pcs/carton, 80 cartons/pallet,
Guiding traffic in the freeways or winding curves at night in addition to the road marking lines, and providing safer visual environment.
CE certificate (Europe)
CNS13762 (Taiwan)
DIN EN1463-1&1463-2 (Europe)