Solar Road Stud
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Solar Road Stud


SIGLITE Tempered Glass Solar Road Stud

The Solar Siglite glass solar road stud uses high strength glass shell with excellent compressive strength and scratch-proof ability. Highly illuminant LED is used, thus the warning light can be seen from 300 meters away and reminds driver of the road condition ahead.
Shell Material: Molded clear tempered glass.
Inner Structure: Solar cell panel, PCB, Rechargeable battery, High luninmnce LED & Magnetic switch
Minimum compressive resistance: 18 metric tons
First, to install the specimen on the tester base Then, to coincide both the center of the steel bar (min. diameter 25 mm, min. thickness 10 mm) and the convex part of the specimen. At last, to avoid the vibration during the testing process, so increase loading slowly.
Impact resistance: no crack or chip may be viewed after ball-impact test
Hardened-steel Ball (1.0kg) with a diameter of 63.5mm Means for dropping the ball freely from 1.5meter height.
Ambient Temperature: -20°C ~ +70°C.
Solar Panel
a. Operation voltage: 1.92V
b. Operation current: 160mA
a. Material: Ni-Mh rechargeable battery
b. Operation voltage:1.2V
c. Capacity: 1.2AH
d. Charge time: 8 hours
e. Continued working: 4-5days
LED Blink speed: 300 time/ minute ± 10%
Color Available: White. Yellow, Red, Blue, and Green
Automatic blinking markers for warning.
Uses solar energy and needs no maintenance, which is economical with long-term use and complies with requirement of environmental protection.