Quality Control


Production process
After the glass for Tiger Eye (SIGLITE) and Solar Flash Mark (A666) are formed under high temperature, the products will be treated via special tempering and thermal spray coating. Our QC (Quality Control) procedures are 100% strict.

Primary Competitive Advantages
- Professional technology of production with best quality in the world.
- The best continuous and nondestructive equipment for inspection.
- Leading company with largest supply in the world.
- Continuous automatic production with stable quality, ultra-high strength and average compressive strength of more than 40 tons (and more then 60 tons after special treatment), which is the most durable road reflection mark.
- The life of use is more than 10 times of the plastic reflecting markers.
- The standard for strength of impaction resistance was set by using 1.04 kg steel ball to fall freely, from a height of 1.5 m and impact center of the reflection mark, where no marks of any breakage appearing on the surface of glass under impact. (Note: the general imitation from Mainland China and hand-made glass from Taiwan are all semi-strengthened glass, which produce surface breakage of 3~10 mm in diameter after impact by steel ball. However, some imitation would have a layer of transparent paint coated on the glass surface to absorb the impact, and deceive clients.)
- For the Solar Flash Mark (A666), application of patent hade been submitted in March 1999, and now Seih-Ying possesses relevant patents in US, Mainland China and Taiwan etc. Currently the other solar road lights using glass shell in Taiwan and Mainland China are mostly the low quality products copied from Seih-Ying, where the glass shells were semi-strengthened hand-made glasses with high breaking rate; and the broken glass appeared as sharpen blocks. This would penetrate the car tires easily and causes public hazards.

Q.C. Equipment
- Infrared spectrophotometer and visible ultra violet ray spectrophotometer.
- Heat expansion analyzer, testing apparatus for softening point and testing apparatus for reflective index.
- Compressive tester and impact tester.
- Color meter, optical microscope, surface microscope, infrared optical thermometer, nondestructive inspection and analysis, chemical analysis.