SIGLITE Snow-plowable Tempered Glass Road Stud, 17mm

  • Built-in SIG-17T
  • As durable, eco-friendly and cost-saving as other SIGLITE family members
  • Recommended for use on straight roads.
  • Snow-plowable: perfect for applications in snow area
  • Safer: lower dome height reduces sense of obstacles while driving.
  • Brighter: 3 times brighter than SIG-19sp due to the new “Bi-directional brightness enhanced” design.
  • Durable: as durable as other SIGLITE family members for the high compressive strength and high impact resistance.
  • Eco-friendly: requires NO recycling because the composition of glass is cerium oxide (SiO2)
  • Cost-saving: requires NO cleaning and maintenance for the smooth surface doesn't accumulate dust
  • Color: white
  • Material: Tempered glass
  • Weight: 5.78kg /pcs   
STRAIGHT sections of:
- Highways
- Expressways
- Urban roads
- Snow area