About us



OEM Capacity
With technology and experience in production of Siglite, we provide OEM to strengthen fog lamps on automobiles for high strength as well as resistance to heat and shock.
1. Provision of technical consultation
2. Analysis on various physical property of glass
3. Provision of service with original design
4. Provision of labeling service for the buyer

1. Melting furnace for optical glasses.
2. Annealing furnace with ultra precision, glass strengthening equipment, flat glass cutting machine and grinder.
3. Glass strengthening equipment and flat glass cutting machine
4. Inspection equipment for quality
5. Monthly Capacity:220K

Product Lines
- Road reflecting markers
- Relevant solar products
- Melting of special glasses
- Strengthening of fog lamps for automobiles
- Heating process (annealing or tempering) for ultra thick glasses
- Cutting and strengthening of flat glasses
- SIGLITE 360 degree tempered glass road reflector (road stud)
- SIGLITE solar warning light
- Filter glass (IR, UV)
- Road safety product

Quality Policy
- Satisfaction of client's demands
- Establishment of trust
- Stable quality
- Sincere service