SIGLITE, the guiding stars on the road


SIGLITE, the guiding stars on the road
In the city, everyone is busy, and the traffic is heavy every day.
While rushing around on the crowded streets, do you accidentally forget to look around and see the beauty around you?
It might be a policeman being on duty in the blazing sun, a doctor or nurse busy helping patients, or cleaning staff working hard to keep the environment neat and tidy.
Or, it might be SIGLITE 360 degree tempered glass road studs installed on the roads, guarding all the road users, 24/7.
It looks a small hemisphere along with the lane markings and appears on highways, urban streets, and mountain roads.
It might be inconspicuous in the daytime, but it provides bumping alerts and wakes those who unexpectedly deviate from the lane.
In the night, it reflects the headlight of cars and contributes a safe driving environment.
In rainy nights, and lane markings are barely recognizable, it helps you to identify the lanes and prevent you from sideswiped and strikes on oncoming cars.
In the leisure time, we tend to get away from the bustling city and look for the calming starlight in the sky.
In the meantime, don't forget that there are also "stars" on the roads quietly protecting us.
Like stars in the sky, SIGLITE on the road is our guide. Let us make great efforts together to protect the safety of all road users.